August 4, 2013

Baby Fox Rattle

I actually made something!

It’s been awhile since I’ve crafted due to illness (more on that another time).  This week a got a new nephew!  It’s an extra big deal because my brother (as one of my friends put it) “finally shot a Y.”  He and his wife have 3 girls and now they have a little boy!  He was born August 1st and his name is Henry Fox Evans.

What an amazing name, no?  I adore it.  So much so, I was inspired to make him something “foxy.”  Surfing Pinterest I found this awesome tutorial for a little fox rattle.  It took me less than an hour to make.  I did take a few liberties with the pattern, mainly with the rattle.  I’ve never heard of a rattle insert before and didn’t have time (well, I was impatient) to order one online.  So I made a ghetto rattle.  Here’s how:

I used an old contact case.  Both my husband and I wear contacts so we have tons of flimsy contact cases from the doctor’s office, etc.  You can buy a case at CVS or Walmart.  I cut it in half and cut around the circle.  I filled it with a few grains of rice and sealed the rim with E-6000.  Ta-dah!  Rattle insert. 

Here’s the final product!  I can’t wait to give it to little Henry in person.

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