{ about the artist }

I'm supposed to be a writer. I should be writing books, not tearing them up.

I am a screenwriter. I write screenplays but I have yet to sell one. Last year, one of my scripts made it to the quarterfinals in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The "Oscar" people) Nicholl Fellowship Screenwriting Competition. It's a big deal. Unfortunately, I have yet to sign a big deal. 

It's a frustrating choice of vocation. Writing screenplays is like designing the blueprints for a building you never see built. It's the business of making plans without the ability to follow them through. Then these book purses came along.

Almost a year ago, I saw an article in "Country Living" (I live for that mag!) on how to make book purses. I immediately ran upstairs, grabbed an old Shakespeare textbook and gleefully tore out the pages (take THAT, Dr. Baker!). A couple of hours and hot glue gun burns later, I had a fabulous (if imperfect) purse. To this day I carry that purse around and get compliments and questions literally every time I carry it.

While I'm still plugging away at screenwriting, it's so rewarding to have something else that I can see through from beginning to end. Each of these purses reflect my love of story and history, my quirkiness and my unique fashion sense. I'm also very grateful to have a platform to share my silly cards that I've been making for years and years. (Confession: Sometimes it take me longer to make one card than an entire purse! I just can't control myself . . .)

I'm in my mid-twenties and right now and I'm not where I thought I would be when I graduated college four years ago. I have a lot of health issues coupled with financial issues (who doesn't?). My circumstances don't reflect who I am as a person . . . but my craft, my scripts, my purses and my cards, do. What a blessing to have creativity in my life! So, yes. I will continue to rip apart books in the name of expression and sanity. Wanna come along?