August 12, 2012

Custom French Cinema Purse

Thank everyone so much for your kind words following the last post!  I appreciate them more than you know.  

Now on to some fun . . . 

I got a custom order a few months ago from a super cool chick from Brazil.  She studied film and she wanted a purse made out of a book about French film.  She found this lovely book on Amazon:

I was inspired by the theater on the cover.  As I searched for fabrics, I imagined what the drapes, curtains and carpets inside the theater looked like.  I gave the client a few choices and she picked my favorite (I love it when that happens!)  . . . an art nouveau inspired gold and blue floral by Robert Kaufman.  I have another book that I want to use this fabric on . . . you will see it again soon!  ; )

When it comes to the button, I always like to make it something special.  I had asked the client what her favorite silent French film was and she answered "Le Voyage dans la lune" ("The Voyage to the Moon").  The fictional making of the 1902 film was depicted in last year's "Hugo" (I was not a big fan, frankly).  Anyway, the moon's face is a famous image and I thought it would be perfect for the button, especially since it was round!  I decided to try a technique I saw on Pinterest: how to print on fabric at 

home.  I tried it and it came out beautifully!  You'll definitely see me use this technique again and again.

And the final product:

I was so happy that the client was happy.  I was really keen on impressing her because she's so cool!  

Here was her feedback:

"I loved the purse! The seller is super attentions, asked for everything before finishing and sending the bag, making everything perfect and harmonious. It's impossible not to love the result. I'm very happy with my new bag and definitely would recommend the seller! :)"

Gosh, making purses is already so fun and then to get such sweet feedback . . . it makes me think I pretty much have one of the coolest jobs ever!

Stay tuned for next time when I reveal the Purse Giveaway Winner's purse!  I think Ms. Austen herself will make an appearance . . . ; )

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Bibi said...

Thank so much for all the attention and the care making the purse. It's beautiful and I love it. You really made a wonderful work. Thanks again! :)