March 15, 2012

The Hunger Games Giveaway Extension!

Hi all!  My Facebook page has been going all wonky . . . I wonder if it's the timeline thing.  Who knows?  Anyway, a lot of people didn't see my contest so I'm extending the deadline to Sunday!  Post (on my Facebook wall or comment on this blog) the name of your favorite "Hunger Games" character for a chance to win this bracelet.  Post as many times as you like for a chance to win!  May the odds ever be in your favor . . . ; )

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FashionAddict said...

I really can't choose a favorite character because to me they are all so great! But one of my most favorite characters has got to be Cinna! The reason why is because he genuinely cares about Katniss! he guides her and helps her with everything, and supports her so much!Plus *SPOILER!* he knew what would happen if he defied president snows orders but he did it anyway, just for Katniss. (': He's the main character I respect the most in this series! (: