October 27, 2011

Along Came A Spider . . .

Wednesday night was Trunk or Treat, our church's annual Halloween party.  We always go overboard on our costumes . . . I wind up stressing myself out trying to get it all done but every year I'm glad I did!  Our little man picked our theme: Spiderman!  The irony?  His was the only getup that required no crafting on my part.

I got to be Spidergirl!  I found the dress (normally $50) for $9 on eBay.  I'll never buy a new costume again!  I realize I look more like an ice skater than a superhero, but I still think it was cute.

Just like every other female in the world, I'm obsessed with Kate Middleton.  This year I vowed to make myself a fascinator for Halloween no matter what I dressed up as.  When else would I get an opportunity to wear something so frilly and ridiculous on my head?  So here's what I came up with:

Yes, it's more drag queen than Duchess of Cambridge but I still love it.  It was super easy, too!  I started out with this glitter spider clip from Undead Pinups (best shop name EVER) on Etsy.  I added blue glitter glue to the silver stripes.  I cut a black widow symbol out of red felt and coated it in red glitter glue, then attached it to the spider's abdomen with hot glue.  Next, I covered a headband base with blue felt and coated it in blue glitter glue.  I cut out about a 12 x 12 inch square of red sparkle tulle and folded it in half.  I gathered the cut ends, making the tulle into a half circle.  I hot glued the cut ends to the underside of the headband.  I cut a slit in the felt on the headband and slid the clip inside, and hot glued it for stability.  And, there you go! 

Next up was my hubby's costume: Doc Ock, or should I say Doc Ick.  This costume gave me such a headache!  We made the arms from vacuum hosing (at Home Depot for around $10) and wire hangers.  I made the claws from foam core and attached them with hot glue.  The Hub was insistent that the open claw had to have a light in it, just like in the movie (Spiderman 2).  He found an LED light at Radio Shack for $1.  I stuffed it in the tube, glued it and duct taped it into place.  We couldn't find a trench coat, so he just bought a shirt and I think it still worked fine.  

 The Hub made a harness out of an old backpack and a metal grill.  I ziptied the arms to the grill and there you go.  Doc Ock.  My hubby is very shy but he likes to get into Halloween.  He got a lot of attention and compliments at the party . . . I could tell he was really excited with how it came out.  

In the end, the hard work was all worth this picture of Hub and the Little Man:

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Tina said...

That is so awesome! I love that you go all out. I keep telling myself that I will go all out next year. It ain't happening this year, so I guess it will be next year again. :) I really do want to do the whole Labrynth thing someday, so let me know if you have any ideas.