February 9, 2011

Introducing BiblioBracelets

Say hello to my leetle friends: BiblioBracelets!

BiblioBracelets are cuff bracelets made from the spines of books and lined with fabric. Since no metal is exposed, this is perfect for those of you out there with metal allergies. My sister has very bad metal allergies and she was so excited to find some jewelry she could actually wear. The bracelets are also adjustable. Nice, right? : ) Well, I guess they would nicer if they weren't UPSIDE-DOWN. I didn't realize until later in the shoot that they were upside-down! So, use your imagination . . . : )

I came up with the concept all by myself and I hope ya’ll like it! See, I started doing book purses over a year ago when I saw this article in Country Living magazine (yes, I talk about Country Living a lot . . . I literally live for the craft section every month!). I have people tell me all the time how “clever” book purses are and since I don’t want to be a jerk, I have to tell them it wasn’t my original idea. Not so much fun. Now, I have my own idea and I can take full credit! Ha-HAH!

Since I’ve been making book purses, I’ve saved all the parts left over from each book, including the spines. I knew I could use these spines for something eventually, I just didn’t know what. Finally, after much trial and error (I actually tried making headbands out of spines first . . . er, that didn’t work), BiblioBracelets were born. I love that I (after a really long time! Seriously, why did it take me so long to think of this?!) found a way to use yet another part of a book that is both green and chic. These bracelets are also an inexpensive (about $12 a piece) alternative to my purses. I’m glad I finally have a larger price range in my shop.

I'll be adding each of these bracelets to my shop throughout the day. Just go to my shop and check out the new Bracelet section.

Tell me what you think about BiblioBracelets!


Laura said...

you're brilliant. super chic, cute, and colorful!

Emily T said...

Very nice!

Heidi said...

So, so clever! Well done!

Sue Doran said...

What a great idea - ingenius!
They're not upside down to the wearer :-)
I hope they sell well for you.