October 3, 2010

Hodgepodge 2010: Day 1

I just finished my first craft fair! I had a booth at Hodgepodge, a craft fair in my hometown. Even though the fair has been around for over 30 years and I grew up here, I've never been. It was lots of work but also tons of fun. I'll just skim over some highlights . . .

Since I was selling all book-themed stuff, it was no question that I would do a library theme. I used old book pages for price tags (and those bobbin shaped cards used for embroidery floss for my wreaths). I had two tables: one for "FICTION" and the other for "NON-FICTION." I even labeled the spot where my cards were the "CARD CATALOG." I know, I know, I'm hopelessly corny! Here's a few pics of my booth:

My mom made the table covers and runners . . . they came out so nice. I was also the only booth with a rug. I thought it gave my booth a library-ish feel. I was so lucky that my booth was right by the front door. I got lots of traffic . . . and quite a few stares . . .

This handmade glass face belonged to the booth to my left. That face stared at me all day . . . I didn't mind it too much since it was so beautiful.

This handmade clown was at Alexian Village's booth right across from me. Alexian Village is a huge nursing home here on the mountain. They do a booth each year with goods made by the residents. This freaky clown stared at me for hours. Towards the end of the day, I noticed he was gone. I couldn't believe someone bought that thing! I guess I should be grateful the clown doll didn't pull a "Poltergeist" and hide under my tables, waiting to grab me . . . I really just took this picture because I knew it would freak my brother out. Clowns freak him out and just the other day he told me going to Alexian Village with our church group to sing Christmas carols as a kid were the most disturbing memories of his childhood. A clown doll MADE by a nursing home resident is probably his worst nightmare, so I couldn't resist . . .

The first day I ran the booth by myself. It was pretty mind-numbingly dull for a couple of hours but luckily I had some great booth neighbors. Collette and her daughter Claire were there to sell their homemade soap. I was so lucky to be by the good-smelling booth. Not to mention, they took good care of me and kept me company. Claire is super smart and gave me an amazing idea for purses . . . I'll keep it to myself for now. Believe me, you'll love it! I told Collette I was stealing her daughter so she could work for me.

Halfway into the day, two women approached my booth. One was very elderly and looked sick. She asked to sit in my spare chair to rest. I obliged and asked her if she needed anything. The woman suddenly had a blank look on her face. Her friend told me to go find a medic--I was panicked. I thought she was having a stroke! I ran to find some help only to find there was no medic! Luckily, some volunteers at the fair came with some ice and put it on her neck. The woman came to and we called a family member to pick her up. She got home okay.

On Day 1, I sold four purses! That's one good month for me, so I was really happy and surprised. I sold my Emma, Nancy Drew, Little Women and a new Edgar Allan Poe purse (it's the gray one in the pictures). The best part was that I gave out tons and tons of business cards. Hopefully this will help get my name out there a little more.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Hodgepodge Saga!

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Emily T said...

I'm glad you sold Emma and Little Women because now they aren't around to tempt me. :)