September 24, 2010

Share the Road

One year ago today my brother-in-law, Doug Flynn, passed away. He was cycling with a group friends when a car, in a hurry to pass a tractor trailer, hit him. We all miss him terribly. Every time I’m driving and see a cyclist, I think of Doug. I wasn’t able to go to the funeral or the bike ride/race that is now named after him. I don’t have an athletic atom in my body so it’s hard for me to find a way to honor him. This is what I came up with:

'Share the Road' by bibliobags

One year ago today, my brother-in-law was killed while cycling. A car was trying to pass a tractor trailer, clipped two cyclists, then struck Doug, killing him instantly.This treasury is not only to raise awareness of these wonderful artists and designs, but to raise awareness about road safety. Whatever mode of transportation you use, whether it be a car, a bike or just walking, please obey all traffic laws. Thank you!

baryon bicycle wrap skirt

reversible cycling cap 7

Intersection, New York City


Steampunk Victoriana Bicycle...

Bicycle Art Watercolor Print

Miami Theme Bicycle Seat Cov...

Natural Tones BICYCLE NOTE C...

Red French BICYCLE Lamp

PICTOGROUND, a 5x7 photogra...

2008 Classic Bicycle Concour...

Hand Drawn Red Bicycle Wheel...

Route 66 Pillow Cover- 16x16...

Canvas Growth Chart - Modern...

London Street Scene / A Pers...

Bicycle Tire Belt - Mild Roa...

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I put this treasury together to raise awareness about road safety.

My mom always says, “I should be the only one in the world allowed to drive!“ Unfortunately, sometimes we drive like we’re the only driver out there. Texting, talking on the phone, putting on makeup, eating or any of these things while driving are obvious no-nos. There are other people out there with families and lives that don’t deserve to be hurt or worse. If you are a cyclist or a pedestrian, please, follow the rules designated for your mode of transportation as well.

When my husband asked for a bike trailer to hail our three year old son in, I was terrified. John promised he would stick to the bike trails so I relented. Today, my dad said something about how he likes to go running. Charlie answered, “You like to run, Papa? That’s really awesome. I like to ride the bike with my trailer!”

See, Doug? I may be a lost cause, but Charlie isn’t! We miss you and love you, Doug.


The Flynn's said...

Very nice post Autumn!! :)

Lindsey said...

Way to find a common ground! My love to you and yours today.