July 25, 2010

Keep it on the DS

Sorry that it's taken this long to update my blog! It's been a crazy couple of weeks. My mom got pneumonia so I've been trying to hold down the fort. She's still sick but doing much better.

BiblioBags has had a great week! I sold two purses (one custom order and one bag from my shop). I have a lot of great plans and exciting things coming up. And to think, two weeks ago I almost quit my shop because I was so frustrated. I'm glad I waited!

Now onto projects.

I love making projects for my nieces. I have a boy so it's fun to get girly every once in a while.

A few months ago, I made my 5 year old niece a DS case that looks like a little purse. (I'm thinking of making a tutorial or pattern on how to make one of these . . . it's super easy!)

When it was my niece A's 9th birthday, I asked her if she'd like a DS like I made her sister. She got so excited and said, "Yes, YES!" It makes me feel good that they like things I make. They are the sweetest girls . . . I'm positive I wouldn't have reacted that way when I was her age! A handmade present? Forget that!

Originally, A's DS case/purse was going to be sort of like a tote bag. Problem is, I've never made one. I know it's not that hard but I was not in a place where I was ready to tackle a project I've never done before. Even though I knew it would take longer to make one I decided I'd make her a DS book purse/case. I'm just more comfortable with that! A's a "Harry Potter" fanatic so I swung by my library to see if they had any HP books in the used bookstore in their basement. My spidey senses were right . . . there was a copy of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" there for $1. It was meant to be.

The front of the book was a little plain so I stamped some little star images on it. It was supposed to look like "magic" but I don't think it looks that way at all! I wish I hadn't stamped it, but oh well.

The colors of the book matched perfectly with the fabric left over from Lindsey's purse. Unfortunately, I made a couple of mistakes cutting the fabric and so I was left with very little! So instead of pockets for her DS and games, I sewed elastic loops on the inside. I didn't have any handles that matched the book so I just made some out of the fabric . . . I would've liked wider straps but that's seriously all the fabric I had left!

Even though these little mistakes still bug me, I don't think A cared at all. Check out her reaction!

That makes it all worth it!

On a final note, I just had to share how crazy my family is. The abomination on the plate in the picture above is called a "Krispy Burger." No, that is not a bagel on top. It's a Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut.

A Krispy Burger is a cheeseburger in between two halves of a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

My brother (A's dad) heard of some restaurant selling these and he had to make one for himself. After declaring it the best burger EVAR, Annie decided that's what she wanted for her birthday dinner. And yes, she ate the whole thing and just like Dad, declared it the best burger EVAR.

As if the cheese and doughnut were bad enough, my brother slices the doughnuts in half and cooks them on a pan of hot butter. I'm not kidding. For someone who dislikes doughnuts AND burgers, just writing this is making me nauseous . . .

Movie Pick: Your favorite "Harry Potter" movie! My personal favorite is the first one. I saw it in the theater four times! Overall, I believe "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" (the third) is probably the best out of the lot.

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Emily T said...

And now I'm not hungry. Wow, that's disgusting.

Just looking at the picture makes me die a little inside. Back to the felt I go!