February 6, 2015

Scratch Off Valentine Tutorial

Okay, they're not from the same card but you get the idea!
UPDATE: If you want to put a decoration on top of the paint, please use paint or a paint pen and NOT ink!  Ink will seep through the paint onto the cardstock and over the message.  I learned the hard way ON LIVE TV.  So. Embarrassing.  LOL.

Here I am on Good Morning Chattanooga making these cards with Lauren!

For this tutorial, you'll need:

Dishwashing liquid
Acrylic paint (any color should work)
A blank white card
A white crayon
A Sharpie pen (or any other permanent pen)
Stamp alphabet (optional)
Purple paint (optional)
Purple paint pen (optional)

1. Mix two parts paint with one part dishwashing liquid.

2. Draw a heart on the cardstock. (I used a cookie cutter for a stencil!  You can always print off the size heart you want from Word or the internet)

3. Write the secret message you want your Valentine to discover with a Sharpie pen.

4. Cover the message with a white crayon.  It's not necessary to color in the entire heart--but make sure you cover the words well.

5. Paint in the entire heart with the paint/soap mixture.  Dry and paint again until the message is completely covered.  Depending on how light your paint color is, this will take 2-3 coats.  Be sure to let the paint dry in between coats (it only takes a few minutes for one coat to dry).

6. I used an alphabet stamp set to stamp the words "SCRATCH ME" on top of the dried heart to make it look like a conversation heart candy.  I outlined the outside of the heart with a purple paint pen.  

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RochelleHaddad said...

Sophie's wanting to make Valentines instead of buying them. This would be a super fun and easy project for us to do. Thanks for the post!!