September 9, 2014

Doctor Who Premiere Party

Two weeks ago, I held a Doctor Who Premiere Party for two of my nieces (9 and 13 years old) and my 6 year old son, all of whom are rabid Whovians (thanks to me--I kinda think Moffat owes me royalties for all of the fans I've brought to him).  Okay, okay.  Maybe this party was mostly for me.

I put some Doctor Who themed food together.  The kids declared the fish fingers and custard "delicious."  So much so, my picky eater announced, "I wish my body was bigger on the inside like the TARDIS so I could eat more of this Doctor food!"  (Being 6, he of course repeated that joke over and over and OVER again . . .) 

I also gave each of the kids a goody bag.  The goodie bags had: a "key to the TARDIS" necklace, a clock ring, a bookmark and most importantly, a Peter Capaldi eyebrow mask.  The masks were especially appropriate given this fantastic scene from the episode: 

We were all SUPER excited to see Peter Capaldi as the "new" Doctor.  I had concerns the kids may not like him since he's a lot grumpier and older than any of our reboot doctors.  Frankly, he's just not "cute" like David Tennant or Matt Smith.  Despite all that, we all concurred after "Deep Breath" (what a fantastic episode!), Peter Capaldi is amazing.  We LOVE the "12th" Doctor!

We also love Straxx.  The girls made me stay up until midnight watching the after show so they could see an interview with the actor that plays him.  This line was quoted over and over again that night: 

Jammie Dodgers (I found them at World Market) and TARDIS blue party supplies.  It's on.
My hubby works with a guy that makes these TARDIS signs (it lights up!) and got me one for my birthday a couple years back.

"Twelve Jammie Dodgers and a fez."

"Always bring a banana to the party."
"Custard" - it's actually vanilla Jell-O pudding.  Sorry, I really didn't want to go to the trouble of making a custard, much less a soufflĂ© ala Clara.  Sorry, Clara.  
My tablescaping skills leave much to be desired.  But hey, the lights did twinkle and that was enough to impress the kids.  Plus lots of junk food.
Fish Fingers and Custard.

My kid in his Peter Capaldi eyebrows, key to the TARDIS and his bleach TARDIS shirt.

All the kids declared the fish fingers and custard to be delicious.  I took their word for it and not just because of the gluten and dairy . . . 
Another Fish Fingers and Custard convert.
I made my boy this TARDIS shirt the day of.  It was easy and he LOVED it.  I think it came out great!  Here's a tutorial and here's the stencil I used.
Peter Capaldi eyebrows.  "They're CROSS!"

All in all, it was such a fun night.  I LOVE my nieces and I'm so glad they are just as nerdy as their aunt!

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stevenjared0853 said...

So lovely party! I am so glad to see these photos. Thanks for this post. Well, my son wants to have the Spiderman birthday party and I am finding the Spiderman party supplies for our outdoor party. You know this party is going to be held at the exotic Boston venues. We all are so excited!!