February 15, 2014

Wedding Album in Five Days

My brother paid me to make a wedding scrapbook for his wife of almost 2 years as a Valentine's gift.  I don't scrap nearly as much as I used to so I was really happy to get back to it for a few days.  I did 20 pages in 5 days!  I realize that's not as much as many can do but shut up and be impressed anyway.  

I took the pictures in a rush but you get the idea.  I was trying to recreate the colors and themes from their 2012 wedding: earth tones, texture, burlap, handmade, understated.  I had so much fun and it made me miss my old scrappy friends from Savannah.  I thought of Kristi Burns showing me how to use Glue Dots: "It's sort of like snot."  Or Jamie telling stories from her customers about gorilla shows in Amsterdam and brown recluse spiders in panties.  Good times, ya'll!  Good times.

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