January 18, 2013

10 Things I Learned Over the Holidays

1. My four year old niece knows all the words to Carly Ray Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe."  Well, except she sings "red cheese wind was flowing" instead of "ripped jeans skin was showing."

2. My father loves the song "Call Me Maybe."  My 64 year old father.

3. Ham and Cheese Feuillete (a Christmas Eve staple for my family) is my Kryptonite.  That is, if Kryptonite gives Superman diarrhea and incessant cramping.  But it tastes so gooood . . .

4. I have no willpower when it comes to food.  I should be on the evil IC Diet (tagline: "It puts the 'die' in 'diet'!") but I gave it up for a month and a half for the holidays.  I'm still paying for it.  I'll still be paying for it until Easters.

5. I'm not as good at Just Dance as I thought.  I thought I was purty dadgum good, especially at hip hop.  Then, my niece beat me at Flo Rida.  Flo Rida!  The worst part?  She's homeschooled.  I got schooled in hip hop by a 13 year old homeschooler.

6. You don't have to let kids (or your aunt!) win at games to have fun.  I played Just Dance for hours with my son and nieces on Christmas and New Year's Eve.  I was so into that game that I didn't think to even let any of them win (best. aunt. ever).  Despite my selfishness, we all had SO much fun.  Really!  I was the only adult playing but it was seriously so much fun to have the kids to myself and dance like a maniac.  Here's a video of my nieces and my kiddo Rickrollin' (yes, "Never Gonna Give You Up" is on Just Dance 4 and it's hilarious.)

7. I like eggs!  I've hated eggs for as long as I can remember.  On Christmas morning, I realized I liked scrambled eggs!  I've added them to my diet now for extra protein.  It'll be awhile before I think I can try eggs poached or fried.  Hard-boiled?  Never.  Deviled?  Not on your life.  Egg salad?  I just threw up on my keyboard.

8. My mom is a superhero.  She cooked and cooked and cooked for DAYS.  She has problems with her feet so it's difficult for her to be on her feet for very long.  She always gives all of herself to make sure everything is perfect and everyone is happy.  I hope I can be half the woman she is someday.

"A scooter?  Really?  That's sooo pre-K, guys."

9. My beautiful 5 year old son doesn't need expensive or big gifts to make him happy.  We got him a scooter and put a big bow on it so it'd be the first thing he saw Christmas morning.  He glanced at it then dove into his stocking.  We said, "Charlie, did you see what you got?"  We were begging for a positive reaction, a smile, something!  He lazily nodded and said, "Um-hmm."  He looked back at his stocking and his eyes grew three times their normal size.  Charlie gasped and said, "Crayons?!  Thank you!"  In his defense, it was the 24 pack.  Those are awesome.  I sniff l them when he's not looking.  Ahh, new crayon smell!  He did take a liking to his scooter later in the day.  Here he is trying it out, whilst sporting his new Captain America costume:

10. My husband is the most wonderful man ever.  He took me to see "Les Miserables" the day after Christmas.  I prepared myself (and my husband) for an emotional breakdown during the movie.  However, I didn't cry one tear!  I'm so proud of myself.  I guess since I've seen the show and I knew the story (not to mention 3/4 of the lyrics), it didn't get to me.  It did get to one audience member, however . . . after the song "Red and Black", a manly voice bellowed "AMEN!"  Everyone in the theater burst into laughter.  I didn't think about it until later but I think this is the reason for his burst of enthusiasm: red and black are the colors for UGA, The University of Georgia.  Welcome to the South!  Football is everywhere.

I adored "Les Miserables."  I could've watched it a second time, right then and there.  I hope Hugh Jackman wins the Oscar.  He worked so hard on that movie and he is the glue that holds it together.  I wish Russell Crowe had been a little more intense but he wasn't horrible.  The movie was so good, people stood and applauded at the end!  I love it when that happens at the movies.

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Tanya Swann said...

This was fabulous to read. you are so smart funny...which is way better than any other kind of funny. Thanks for sharing.