October 26, 2012

UPDATE: Muffins are a sometimes food.

A post or two ago, I shared a recipe for "Healthy Carrot Muffins."  I don't weigh myself often for psychological reasons.  I usually ignore my weight at the doctor's office as well.  The other day, I weighed myself on a whim (no, that's not a new kind of scale).


In just under two months, I had gained 7 pounds.  Not.  Cool.  My mind raced to figure out what went wrong.  Suddenly, it hit me.  Not my beloved healthy muffins!  There are more carrots than any other ingredient!

But there were other ingredients.  White flour and brown sugar to be exact.

Apparently, I can't eat 3-4 muffins a day without the white flour or brown sugar settling in my hips.



Em T said...

Boo on weight gain. I've found that since surgery I have to be a million times more careful about what I eat. I gained almost ten pounds and it's been slow coming off.

BiblioBags said...

That SUCKS. I hate my pooch. Ugh. I don't think mine will go away even if I starved myself (which I would never do and I don't encourge anyone else to, BTW!). I didn't think I'd have a pooch at 30 and after only one kid . . . so embarrassing. You'd think after losing some decent sized organs, I'd weigh less and be thinner. Oh no. : P