May 22, 2012

Custom Purse Giveaway Winner(s)

And the winner is . . .

Abigail Ara Anderson!!!

After printing off 10 pages of entries to the contest, I was so overwhelmed at how many people actually want one of my purses.  You have no idea how much your compliments and participation mean to me.  I wish I could afford to do this contest every week!  

Since I was so moved by everyone's kindness, I'm giving everyone who entered the giveaway a 15% discount code on anything in my shop . . . including custom orders!  Here's the code to use at checkout: THANKS15.

It may be silly, but I'm keeping all your comments in a jar next to my computer (I cut them into strips for the random drawing).  Whenever I feel down on myself, I'll pull out a comment from one of you to cheer me up.  Not to mention, you guys gave me such great book purse ideas!  Stay tuned because a lot of you will see your suggested books as purse in the future!

Thanks so much again, everyone!

1 comment:

Em T said...

I may or may not have just gotten the go ahead from my overly kind husband to use that coupon code to get a custom purse:) Phew, take a breath after than run-on sentence.