February 16, 2012

The Wonders of Wonder Under

I have been a bad blogger!  I've had some annoying health issues resurface lately, so I've been really lazy.  As if to prove my point, the pictures in this post are indefensibly horrible.  I hope you can look past the awful lighting and out of focusness (there has to be a better phrase/word for that) to get the gist of my projects.

Despite the name, Wonder Under is not manufactured by KY (sorry, I couldn't help myself) but by Pellon.  It is the most common name brand fusible webbing that binds two fabrics together with heat.  I use it in my purses and always have tons of it around.  One day, I decided to play with some cardigans I have.  I have 3 nearly identical cardigans, each in a different color.  I rarely wear them because they are kind of plain.  I prefer bright colors and patterns, so I thought I'd jazz them up.

The first cardi is a mint green.  I cut a large square out of some leftover fabric and cut a square of Wonder Under the same size.  I fused the webbing to the back of the fabric using an iron with NO steam  (that's a must).  Using some clipart I found online, I cut a rabbit shape out of the fused fabric.  Then, I ironed the rabbit to the cardigan.  I was nervous since the fabric was cotton and the cardigan was stretchy.  It actually was super easy!  The rabbit fused to the sweater and I did a zigzag stitch around the shape.  Here are the results: 

I have a pink and a blue cardigan to play with and I can't wait to see how those turn out.  The whole project literally took under an hour to make.  It was so easy that I decided to so something similar for my brother for his birthday.  My brother loves the movie "The Big Lebowski."  Going off of an idea my friend Lindsey had (read: "plagarized"), I made him a robe with the word, "abide" on the back.  I bought a chambray robe off of Amazon.  I wrote the word in a font I liked and followed the same process I did for my sweater.  I was a little nervous about what sort of fabric to use for "The Big Lebowski."  I reached in my scraps and the first one I pulled out was perfect: Alexander Henry's Las Senioritas fabric.  It features Mexican pinups and had the pulpy feel I was looking for.  I love it when things work out randomly!  Since the letters were not big, only parts of the fabric show, like a pair of lips or eyes . . . which I love!

Alexander Henry's Las Senioritas
Since much of the movie has to do with bowling, I had to make the "i" in "abide" a bowling pin.  Here's the finished product:

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Em T said...

Bless you for making a ky joke.

Anyway, I was very skeptical when you introduced the sweater idea, but I love the way it turned out!