January 10, 2012

"The Hunger Games" Bangle

Before you get to any pictures, I need to get one thing straight.

This bracelet is MINE.

It's not for sale.

Am I a jerk?


A little too obsessed with The Hunger Games books and the upcoming movie that is hopefully going to be so awesome it will literally blow my mind, forcing theater ushers to mop up bits of my brain matter off the sticky floor?


I found these neat bracelet blanks at JoAnn.  I was really excited until I picked it up.  It was sticky.  Gooey.  Smelly.  Upon further examination I discovered at one point, a rubber band had been wrapped around the bracelet and at another point, melted.  I showed this to a salesperson there and she gave me 50% off.  Unfortunately, it had permanently tarnished the metal.  I tried several cleaning formulas I found on Pinterest but none of them got it completely clean.  I couldn't use this for my shop.  I decided to go ahead and make something I'd like for myself.  I used the spine from a Hunger Games dust jacket.  Tarnished metal notwithstanding, I'm in love with how it came out!

I got some more of these bracelets (minus the coagulated rubber band goo) and plan to add them to my shop soon.  What book "bangles" would you like to see?

Oh, and Katniss fans, the odds ARE in your favor . . . I have a Hunger Games clutch AND a Hunger Games purse in the works.  That is, if I'm willing to part with them . . . 

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TheLittlestBookshop said...

LOVE! Also, nice touch with the odds in your favor quote.