October 18, 2011

Hodgepodge 2001: Part 2

Okay, first off, I have to correct something.  The way I worded one of my sentences in the last post lead many readers to think I went to Hodgepodge days after surgery . . . not true!  I meant I had surgery the Wednesday AFTER the craft fair.  The idea that I participated in a fair days after a hysterectomy is not only false but impossible.  Trust me!  So, I had a cold and tons of pain but no surgery before Hodgepodge.  Whew.  You'd think having an English degree would prevent these sorts of misunderstandings but, no.  Please don't take my diploma away, AASU!!!

Here are some better pictures my friend Kristin took of my booth and items:

New charm bracelets I just started making . . . I actually sold out of these!
My book purses

Necklaces . . . sold a few of these.

Book Bundles . . . my mom actually made most of these!

Book Spine Bracelets--love these!  Didn't sell a one.  : (

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