July 6, 2011

Discomfort Zone

Last month, I made an apron for my friend Lindsey's birthday. Not only was it my first apron but my first pattern! I'm very proud of myself because sewing patterns really intimidate me. My mom had to explain a few things a few dozen times (seriously, what language are those instructions written in? They make no sense!) but I did it! Why I always decide to do something I've never done before for a gift, I'll never know.

The fabric is Michael Miller . . . I LOVE it! It's covered in 50s housewives baking and decorating cakes in the kitchen. I have some fabric left . . . I'm hoping it's enough to make a purse. I have a "Cooking with Cuisinart" book that would work perfectly with this print!

Last week I made a decision that feels good but makes me nervous. When I started my shop over a year ago, I told myself it was only a hobby. Only for fun. I write screenplays and I felt like writing should always be the priority (after my family, of course). But this past week I had a feeling that I should step up and take more responsibility for my shop. I needed to be more business minded and actually keep track of my money that goes in and out. I have tons of new ideas I'm excited about. Problem is, I'm torn. I'm afraid that if I give more to my Etsy shop, that will automatically take away from my writing. I told Lindsey about that and here is her answer:

"I can see why you're worried but I think you can still manage it. I think if taking your shop up a notch feels like a good move I wouldn't put it off because of doubts about your writing simply because I think any positive experiences with it will motivate you in all capacities."

Whoa. All my fretting over my shop vs. writing gone in one sentence. Dang, Lindsey. You are wise. Apron well deserved. No wonder I love you. : )

Wish me luck!!!


Em T said...

I'm sure everything will turn out and fall into place:)

P.S. I love, and I do mean love, the pockets on the apron.

Heidi said...

The apron is DARLING! I adore the fabric and the red bias tape is the perfect touch--looks very smart! Well done! I bet Lindsay loves it. :)

And I agree with her about the writing vs. shop thing--when have creative successes in one area of my life (decorating, for example) it inspires me and motivates the other creative things I do (jewelry making, paper crafting, etc.) It doesn't have to be one or the other!

Lindsey said...

You did a fantastic job. I love this apron so much that today during a break from my painting project I...well... I put it on and did a little twirl around the room in it! Slightly embarassing confession but true! Thank you!

Erin said...

Good for you! I agree, sewing instructions are written in some ancient alien language!

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