June 14, 2011

Shirt Surgery: A 5 x 5 Craft

I'm a complete "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" geek. I own every season on DVD and could refer to each episode by name and number. Faith was a slayer from Boston, who upon asked how she was doing, would always answer "Five by five." This means "Fine."

Before this gets too geeky, I've decided to start posting special "5 x 5 crafts" meaning, they only cost $5 and take 5 minutes to complete (this doesn't include shopping time). My first one today involves upgrading a consignment sale find.

While at the sale, I found this adorable apron-style shirt. I was with a friend I've known since high school. Back in the late 90s, we'd shop, shop, shop at the mall and were obsessed with clothes. Even though we both still dress nice, we're moms to little boys so we don't get out much. I leaned over to my friend and whispered, "Is this still in style?" She studied the shirt and said, "My sisters (who are in high school) still wear them." That was good enough for me. Ah, how far we've come! LOL!

When I got home, I tried the shirt on. I have this ritual wherein every time I buy new clothes, I put them on and combine them with other clothes I already have. Something was wrong with the shirt. I thought it was cute but something wasn't right. I realized it was the pockets. I LOVE shirts and skirts with pockets. On this shirt, however, you couldn't see the pockets because of the busy floral design.

Hmmm. I thought about ribbon and rick-rack but neither of those seemed right. I decided to simply go with cream buttons to match the top. It took me a couple of stores to find the right shade of cream but I found some close enough at JoAnn.

I measured the pockets so I could get the buttons centered and marked my spot with a pencil. Then, simply sewed them on by hand.

Voila! Those buttons make such a difference to me. I know I'll wear the shirt more often because it "makes sense" to me now. Overall, I spent $2.50 on the shirt and then $1.25 on the buttons. $3.75 and a little stitching isn't bad for a cute summer shirt!

Is there something in your closet that needs an upgrade? Sometimes a simple button or bow can make all the difference!

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Gena said...

Great post! I love upgrading clothing! Since I got a sewing maching 2 years ago I've been going wild, ripping out ruffles, shortening sleeves, making dresses into skirts, adding embellishments. Endless possibilities and it makes thrift shopping even more fun. :) Love this 5 x 5 craft idea for when creativity is flowing but time and money are short!

Gena said...

Much easier this time! I'll probably have to do some adjustments to my blog as well. Commenting should be super easy!

Heidi said...

I LOVE the fabric! Looks vintage. It definitely looks better with the buttons--they were just the perfect touch.