May 6, 2011

IOU/I heart U Card

It's the cardinal sin of gift giving.

No present for your mom on Mother's Day.

Whether it be a late package, a lapse in memory or lack of ideas I don't judge you. I'm late with my mom's present too. Every year, my husband and I give both sets of grandparents a photo book full of pictures of our son. This past April has been crazy and my husband (and his Mac Book) are out of town. My computer is an awful Compaq that still runs on a crank and photo editing would take forever. So, my mom is just going to have to wait.

For all of us slackers, I came up with this idea to help soften the blow to your mom.

Open the "O" to find this:

I got the initial idea from this blog my friend recommended. I cut out the "IOU" out of posterboard. I didn't measure or anything . . . I just cut blindly because I thought the more homemade looking, the better. I had my little guy pose with the letters (not the easiest task; bribery is necessary) and clicked away.

Unfortunately, I put a light shirt on my son and so it blended in once I changed the pictures to black and white (in Picasa). Ugh. See?

Without my hubby's Mac Book, I was left with no great editing options. My low-tech solution? Acrylic paint. I just painted over the letters in blue to make them pop . . . I also painted the heart to try to blend in the shadows.

I then made a mini card with the "O" picture on top and the heart picture inside. I glued it in between the "I" and the "U" and ta-dah! I'm really happy with it and I think my mom will be too. It helps to have a cute son (her only grandson, BTW) to ease the pain of no present on her day.

If you have any questions on specific details, I'm happy to fill you in. Just comment and I'll get back to you.

Feel free to use the idea but be sure to share the link! ;) Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

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