August 24, 2010

The Revenge of Puff Paint

I apologize if my last post offended you. My intent was to share a weakness of my own, not to bash other peoples' hobbies. I know one party in particular was very hurt. I know this because it took it's outrage on me this week.

My mom's birthday is coming up and I usually make her a complicated card. This year, I decided to do something a little different. She loves (read: addicted to) Ghiradelli's Sweet Chocolate Cocoa for her hot chocolate. I wanted to make her a little felt version of the can. I'm obsessed with felt food right now, and even though I'm not great at it, I still like to play with it. For the lettering I chose to use . . . puff paint. That's right. After insulting puff paint only days ago, I decided to use it for a project. Yup, I'm a hypocrite. So I did okay on the label.

Then, as I continued, the stuff just kept squirting out everywhere. I should have taken a picture before I threw it away . . . then again, it was brown puff paint which only made it more gross. Puff paint, I'm very sorry I hurt you. Now please be good to me and cooperate! I bought a new tube that had a smaller tip, so we'll see if it works! To be continued . . .

While we're talking felt food, here's my first attempt at making some:

It's supposed to be a snickerdoodle cookie I made for my friend Rochelle.

For really cute felt food, check out BeckyM's shop on Etsy. I love it! The cherry Pop Tarts were my favorite, but someone already bought them. : ( I kind of have an obsession with cherry Pop Tarts right now!

I also did my first blockprint in a long time. Thursday I was packing my Hercule Poirot purse to send to a customer (that was a great day, BTW--sold two purses in one day!) and wanted to do a unique thank you card for him. Even though it was not efficient to carve a stamp for one card, I got this idea and had to do it. This was also in the midst of a medical emergency on my part. I have health issues that cause severe cramping. That afternoon I nearly wound up in the ER . . . luckily, I was able to wait and see a doctor. He got me medicine and I'm doing better. But yes, I carved a stamp in the midst of a cramp attack. I still like the blockprint, even if it's a little rough.

On a final note, it's official . . . I have a booth at Hodgepodge this year! It's a craft fair in Tennessee on Oct 1-2. It'll be my first craft fair so I'm excited and very nauseous. Any tips are welcome!


Emily T said...

OK, now I KNOW I have an issue...

The felt food made me hungry. Don't judge.

On another, more related to you, note. I really like the stamp... despite the near death experience you had making it.

Heidi said...

I LOVE that block print! I bet it knocked the buyer's socks off. I know if I opened up my purse and found a matching card, I'd be amazed.

PS--I forgot to thank you for the DARLING Nancy cards you sent to me! I love love love them. SO clever!